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What are the most popular wedding favors?

The last thing a bridal couple should need to worry about is the type of wedding favors to have when there are so many other decisions looming on their shoulders. But sticking with perennial favorites such as candles, soaps, personalized trinkets and wedding cameras can make the wedding favor selection relatively painless. They can be … Read more

What Should I Not Tell My Date About Myself?

Yes, some things you shouldn’t tell the person you’re dating because it’s really not important! So, here are some tips that may assist you in not discussing certain topics with your date that you don’t need to: 1) Never discuss with your date your past boyfriend, girlfriend or former spouse! This is a definite no, … Read more

What is Speed Dating?

Dating has been the oldest form of meeting singles. In the beginning era of newspapers and magazines, people used to search other singles or they some time publish their own ads, showing willingness to meet someone. Once the telephone became popular as great mode of communication, phone dating took place. Invention of Internet is, perhaps … Read more

What do you know about pearls?

A pearl is formed when a foreign object gets into the mantle of a mollusk. Cultured pearls are probably easier to match, but natural pearls are more valuable. For the cultured variety, pearl farmers keep the special oysters in confinement. Foreign objects are purposefully entered into the mantle and the process of encystation begins and … Read more

What Do Wedding Rings Speak About?

Wedding rings, also called wedding bands, are an eternal sign of love between two engaged partners. Similarly, the ring finger is traditionally believed to house a direct vein to heart, which describes the intense emotional bond that might develop between two engaged individuals. One could find many similar stories prevailing around the world while trying … Read more