Which Scrapbook Paper? Creative Ideas To Enhance Your Pages

Scrapbook paper can be used in a number of different ways to add creative touches to your pages and enhance your photos. To make sure your precious photographs are archived safely, it’s important to use special scrapbooking paper and adhesives that are acid-free and lignin free, so they won’t damage your pictures. There’s a huge … Read more

Why care if there is water in your compressed air?

The process of compressing air generates free water, and increases air borne water vapor. So what is the problem with a little – or perhaps a lot  – of water coming down the compressed air line along with the compressed air? A simple answer may be that it depends on what you are using the compressed … Read more

What’s Entertainment? Intellectuals Debating The Merits And Demerits Of Economic Freedom

Today, few things are more entertaining than observing the continuing debate among intellectuals about the merits and demerits of economic freedom. What is the cause of the levity? The problem is, of course, that the very debate, or intellectual freedom itself, is only made possible by economic freedom, which is the principal support of free … Read more