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When it Comes to Engagements, Manners Matter

With marriage proposals modernizing into an “anything goes” mentality, long-standing proposal customs are often considered optional, adding confusion to what’s considered proper when it comes to proposing. Korbel and etiquette expert Peter Post weigh in on some of today’s most-discussed proposal etiquette issues: Meet the Parents This is a common question and an area where … Read more

Refreshing Your Relationship: Share Your Day’s Activities

Even the closest couples these days (with the rare, happy exceptions of those who work together) spend more awake time apart in their separate careers than they do together. The individual you are at work, no matter what career you pursue, is very different than the person you are within your romantic relationship. It is … Read more

Refreshing Your Relationship: Review Pet Peeves Together

No matter how close we are to our partner, no matter how strong the bond and the mutual likes and dislikes, there are always little things that we do that “bug” our greatest audience. Start small with things that only mildly “push your buttons.” Defuse the potential for discord by setting aside time every month … Read more

Outsourcing Relationship

Outsourcing is the delegation of tasks or jobs from internal production to an external and separate business partner, very much like a subcontractor. By present standards and definition, it became the equivalent of elimination of local staff in favor of staff overseas to countries where salaries are considerably lower. It was first seen in the … Read more