Food Meat Fish, Eggs, Liver (chicken or cow) Fruits & Vegetables Fruits: Bananas, Berries Vegetables: Bell peppers, Spinach, Cabbage Dairy, Grains & Nuts Dairy: Dark chocolate, low-fat Dairy products, Grain: Oats, Fibre-rich grains, Oatmeal Nuts: Pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds, Almonds, Brazil nuts Drinks Chamomile, Green tea Avoid fried food, processed meat, candy, pastry, ice cream … Read more

Sexual Health Awareness: The Key to Safer, More Enjoyable Sex

Life is too short yet too wonderful to be wasted by a wreckless and wanton lifestyle. Today’s generation has become very independent, expressive, and liberated when it comes to sexuality. In this fast-paced culture where conventions are being broken and rules are relative and no longer absolute, it is important to be well-informed about the … Read more

Rebuilding Trust

The loss of trust is a very painful experience. It often involves a lot of hurt, confusion, anger, and sadness. Dealing with these emotions is critical when trying to rebuild trust. When upset, we want our partners to understand our point of view – to understand our feelings and emotions. Understanding how we feel is … Read more

Getting Off Dialysis

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