Mediterranean Diet and the South Beach Diet: A Detailed Comparison

Mediterranean Diet and the South Beach Diet: A Detailed Comparison

Good health and longevity interests people of all ages from around the world. There are so many diets that those seeking help with their weight loss or health needs don’t know where to turn. Two diets that have become extremely popular recently are the Mediterranean Diet and the South Beach Diet. Here’s a detailed comparison … Read more

Why Decaffeinated Coffee Was Introduced

Being an avid drinker of coffee, I never could figure out the reason following decaffeinated coffee. Would it not just defeat the purpose of drinking coffee? However, I finally saw the light and managed to figure out why decaffeinated coffee existed. This helped me immensely to sustain some sort of extravagance during my pregnancy and … Read more

Your Coffee Machine Can Brew You Any Kind Of Coffee

There are many people who have for long considered themselves purists in the world of coffee, and wouldn’t dream of touching this sacred brew. But all of this is changing now, coffee is being flavored and you can have any one of hundreds of kinds now. There is an Indonesian blend which is a mix … Read more

World’s Hottest Hot Sauce Is A Pepper Extract That Can Kill

This Hot Sauce is so hot, you’d have to gulp 250,000 gallons of water just to put out the fire. “We live in an extreme world,” describes Blair Lazar, a hot sauce inventor. “And I make extreme foods.” Locked in a crystal bottle sealed with wax and a tiny skull, Mr Lazar’s lip-scorching concoction is … Read more

Would You Like a Little Caffeine With Your Workout?

Ok, I’ll bet you think that was a joke, don’t you? Everyone knows caffeine is supposed to be bad for you. You hear it all the time, and from a lot of different people, including doctors, so why would you want to use caffeine in conjunction with your exercise program? Before we completely dismiss the … Read more