The Rise of Social Conscience in Art Inspired Fashion

Art can be a means of reconstructing experiences, communicating emotions or echoing the sentiments of individuals or the masses. While the fashion industry is often viewed as an institution of pretentiousness, demand is still the driving force behind the successes and failures of it’s resident elite. Just as consumability regularly forces the hand of design, … Read more

Which Scrapbook Paper? Creative Ideas To Enhance Your Pages

Scrapbook paper can be used in a number of different ways to add creative touches to your pages and enhance your photos. To make sure your precious photographs are archived safely, it’s important to use special scrapbooking paper and adhesives that are acid-free and lignin free, so they won’t damage your pictures. There’s a huge … Read more

Why care if there is water in your compressed air?

The process of compressing air generates free water, and increases air borne water vapor. So what is the problem with a little – or perhaps a lot  – of water coming down the compressed air line along with the compressed air? A simple answer may be that it depends on what you are using the compressed … Read more

Crocheting Overview

Crocheting has been a favorite craft for generations, and with good reason. Today’s crochet patterns are more interesting and inspiring than ever, and incorporate vibrant colors and exciting new fibers. Using new patterns, you can crate fun, fashionable, functional and economical pieces to wear. Over the years, people have taken up and enjoyed the art … Read more

Tennis Bracelets a Gift of Beauty

Tennis bracelets are diamond bracelets that are elegant and thin jewelry pieces worn on the wrist. The diamonds are set in a symmetrical design and that gives an elegant look to these bracelets. There is an interesting story about how these bracelets came to be called tennis bracelets. I am looking for my share of … Read more

The Art of the Smile

Have you ever thought of your smile as a work of art? Cosmetic dentists often do, as they strive to create the perfectly proportioned smile. “I believe there is an ideal proportion to teeth in the most naturally beautiful smile,” says David Nusblatt, a dentist in Manhattan who often uses Lumineers to perfect his patients’ … Read more