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A Simple Way to Self Discovery

Posted October 24th, 2018 in Spiritual

This is how I do it…

Before I actually start I ask myself what I am feeling.
Then I try to give a general answer like I am feeling good or bad.
Then I ask myself why I feel that way.

I recall all the things that have happened in my life and I push myself to be brutally honest about what I feel about them – The more honest you are about it, you will feel that much better!

I found this technique really effective in building up my emotional intelligence and after connecting with my feelings for a couple of minutes I feel so much better. I believe it was because when there was less resistance in me to deal with all of my negativity and being able to convert to positive.

Why not try it? Better to fail toward success than living in failure!


Multipotentialites are ones with on “one true calling” – they have many interests and creative pursuits.
They are passionate about many things, but society and culture’s mindset for multipotentialites are to pursue one thing at a time. Due to that, they grew-up with a fixed mindset to specialize in a single field.

But can one be an entrepreneur, a photographer, a coach, and an artist at the same time?
Of course! When one is a multipotentialites, one is equally capable in different fields. However, their expertise will likely not equal to a specialist’s, but due to the multiple areas they are passionate in, their out-of-the-box thinking capability can supersede that setback.

Some famous multipotentialites include Isaac Newton, René Descartes, Leonardo da Vinci, and many more. Consider da Vinci – he was an inventor, an artist, and a writer. Thanks to him and many other multipotentialites, we are able live in a world majorly contributed by them.

Our world is filled with potential multipotentialites. So, we should encourage them to excel, not suppress them to belong to a single area throughout.


Many multipotentialites start off by having many different ideas in mind. The passion to execute the ideas however fade away when they seem impossible to execute, without even attempting to execute due to the fear.

To overcome that problem, first, believe that the dots will connect. Believe that your passion and skills your many interests will bring you to a great end because you know you can connect them creatively to reach the outcome you desire.

After that, execute the believe. Know that there is likely to be failures but with each failure, stick to your belief that you can and will; then keep progressing forward. You will reach the end. Also know, if da Vinci and the rest can, you can too.


First, know and belief that you can and will.

Second, keep progressing forward and know that failure is the lesson to push to the next.

Finally, as you progress, you will reach the end that you want and love.