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Posted August 11th, 2018 in Mental



 HAPPINESS is only a positive thought to have it come to you.


“Research has shown you have control over your happiness,” explains Dr Stacy Blackburn, Mayo Clinic Health System family physician. “It all relates back to your personality and also your thoughts and behaviours which can be changed.”


Normally, people with a lot of money or/and fame is just as happy as everyone; being rich and famous is not the only key to happiness.

This is great news for many, because there are ways to live a happier life that don’t reflect your income or appearance.


Choose optimism

You have full control over your optimism so use it to maintain your positive perspective and divert your negative to the positive. It can be easy for negative thoughts to take over, but they don’t have to.

To divert from the negative, Dr. Blackburn recommends to first acknowledge them and then question:

  • Is it really as bad as I think?
  • What are the other ways to look at it?
  • What can I learn from this experience that I can use in the future?


Invest in relationships

Relationships are an important part of being happy. Can you think of a friend can can always make you laugh?

Dr Blackburn says that relationships are the most powerful connections to bring the most meaning in your life, so surround yourself with the right (positive, happy) people.

While it can be easy to take family and friends for granted, they’re typically the people who are there through good and bad times.

It is important to interact with proper words and actions in your relationships. Relationship work both ways, so you have to give happiness to receive.


Find your purpose

People who strive to meet a goal or fulfill a mission are happier than those who don’t have such aspirations.

Goals is a good way to establish relationships because the team element helps motivate and as it has a purpose it can drive to having a cherished life. How the goal is is not the case but what the outcome of the goal is is the target.

“Aligning everyday activities with the long-term meaning can purpose of your life can help you feel more content.” says Dr Blackburn. “Some people are engaged in activities they love, while others aren’t.”

If you’re searching for you purpose, ask yourself these questions:

  • What excites and energizes me?
  • What are my proudest achievements?
  • How do I want others to remember me?


Live in the moment

“Don’t wait for joy to come on a day when you’re less busy or stressed, because that day may never come,” says Dr Blackburn.

“Look for opportunities throughout your day to enjoy the small pleasures in life. Focus your energy on the positives of the present instead of dwelling on the past or worry about the future.” Mayo Clinic News Network/Tribune News Service



There are chances of failures so practice (control your thoughts and actions) to attain happiness is the key. As you practice, it becomes a natural habit.

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