A Simple Way to Self Discovery

This is how I do it… Before I actually start I ask myself what I am feeling. Then I try to give a general answer like I am feeling good or bad. Then I ask myself why I feel that way. I recall all the things that have happened in my life and I push … Read moreA Simple Way to Self Discovery

Stop Making Yourself Sick!

I’m going to share with you the power of your thoughts. As with any power, it can be used for good or bad. Our thoughts are the difference between vibrant health and lackluster “just getting by.” Which will you choose?

Ramadan Gourmet Gift Edibles

A wonderful box of Arabian dates and gourmet chocolates would make a wonderful gift for your special one, but if want to make a good impression on them try purchasing a assortment of luxury chocolates that are made in Dubai. This is best method to create a fantastic gift that is out of the ordinary, and is firm to impress.