Food Meat Fish, Eggs, Liver (chicken or cow) Fruits & Vegetables Fruits: Bananas, Berries Vegetables: Bell peppers, Spinach, Cabbage Dairy, Grains & Nuts Dairy: Dark chocolate, low-fat Dairy products, Grain: Oats, Fibre-rich grains, Oatmeal Nuts: Pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds, Almonds, Brazil nuts Drinks Chamomile, Green tea Avoid fried food, processed meat, candy, pastry, ice cream … Read more


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Talking With Kids About Sex and Birth Control

It is perfectly normal for parents to have a hard time talking to their kids about sex and birth control. Even though discussing sexuality matters with youngsters is an essential task for parents, they still find it hard to open up or initiate the conversation with their children. Some are afraid that their teens might … Read more

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Sexual Health Awareness: The Key to Safer, More Enjoyable Sex

Life is too short yet too wonderful to be wasted by a wreckless and wanton lifestyle. Today’s generation has become very independent, expressive, and liberated when it comes to sexuality. In this fast-paced culture where conventions are being broken and rules are relative and no longer absolute, it is important to be well-informed about the … Read more