“When we listen to a piece rendered by Yehudi Menuhin, the famous American violinist, we are transported into a different world thanks to his music. Yehudi, like many others is known to have begun playing the violin from the age of 3 and became among the leading violinists and music conductors. The way the notes flow by, and the soothing sound of the violins is enough to get a person hooked on this instrument. Violins are also string instruments, much like the viola and cello, except they are smaller in size which is made up with their high pitch ranges. Also called the fiddle, these have been around for decades now, swaying people across the globe with its gentle sounds. Originally bowed instruments are said to have originated from the Asian continents and eventually spread to other parts of the world. The kind of music that is emitted from a violin depends largely on its shape and the wood that has been used in its making. The varnish coated on top and the wood that has gone into it, are said to get better with age, which is why older violins are far more expensive than new ones.

Some of the violins are admired for their ability to produce music while others for their appearances. What was once originally used mainly in classical music has today transitioned to being a part of Rock bands and even Jazz music compositions. A good example of this is “The Corrs”, a band that relied primarily on their lead violinist to give the song its warmth and feel. For example, when we listen to “Devil’s trill” by Vanessa Mae, we feel the strength of the instrument and the way different notes are played on it. And if one watches the video, they can enjoy the beauty of the instrument and the different shapes and sizes, colours it is made in. This goes to show that different people are comfortable using different kinds of violins and words no longer matter when the instrument is powerful enough to mesmerize the listener. The violin is capable of helping a person relax or get up and dance, depending on the way it is played, for it can reach high notes without sounding harsh.

Another popular band that has made the violins famous is the Australian quartet called Bond, who use violins as the base for all their songs. Most of the violins are made using the best European woods and available in different sizes to suit one’s needs. So, if you are interested in taking lessons or are looking for a good violin, you can check out stringworks to understand the way they are made, and how each of them. If you are looking for violins that produce rich sounds and look smart, you can try out the ones in the Artist collection. These websites not only sell or rent out violins, but have forums where people can ask queries or have discussions on topics related to violins.”