Victim’s Anger

During the past several days I have felt so much stress, anger and frustration because my 25 year old son is a bank teller who had a gun pointed inches from his face during a local bank robbery.

Needless to say, my son has been going through a lot of uncomfortable feelings… of which is anger. I believe it is victim’s anger. I think he is starting to feel a little better and will heal in time. Everyone in town has been asking him questions. Hopefully that will die down soon. Small towns quickly find something new to buzz about.

During the robbery my son was told not to touch the alarm button or he would get his head blown off! He followed directions and kept everyone safe by doing so. I’m very thankful for that. I would have been shaking in fear but he was calm on the outside.

My son and another teller were able to give a perfect description of the robber (who was so dumb that he didn’t cover his face or bring anything to put the money in. ) The robber was caught on Friday and is now behind bars….thank God!

I had a nightmare the night before the robber was apprehended. In it the robber came to our home to cause trouble for all of us. I woke my husband up twice wimpering in my sleep.

I wish I could visit that bank robber in jail and express my anger at him because of what he did to my son. I haven’t felt so much stress for quite some time. Making my son a victim of a crime was a terrible thing, in my opinion. These things shouldn’t happen to anyone, but it does, and I feel very angry about it. Feeling like a victim doesn’t feel good at all. You feel helpless and then you feel angry, very angry.

My son is a smart and sensitive person who never in a million years deserved to be treated this way…..and yet he was. It makes me so mad! It definitely makes my son mad too. It has been difficult to contain my anger, which is why I thought writing about it might help. I’ve certainly talked about it with friends and relatives and so has my son.

Talking and writing are my two best therapies when it comes to dealing with negative feelings. I guess that’s why my brother David encouraged my writing by having me to submit it here.