Warm Up To Frozen! You can make a scrumptious ravioli meal in minutes

These aren’t your grandfather’s frozen foods! The variety, quality and taste of today’s Freezer Favorites have surpassed the well-known convenience of frozen foods years ago. You now have many choices for warm, delicious, home-cooked meals, from your freezer to the table in minutes.

There may be no better time to enjoy these delicious foods than during March National Frozen Food Month, when many stores will be featuring special prices and promotions on these tasty freezer favorites. Here are some great ideas:

• Breakfast–stock your freezer with quick-fix options such as waffles, pancakes, bagels, eggs, sandwiches, juices and more.

• Lunch–you’ll find many lean, one-dish selections. Convenient, quick, take to work, microwave-enjoy.

• Snacks–always have on-hand pizza, mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders and more.

• Dinner–try the many frozen fish, seafood, chicken, beef and full-course meal selections, as well as vegetables, potatoes and pasta.

• Desserts–keep frozen pies, cakes and ice cream on hand to make any occasion special.

Here is a marvelous meal in minutes:

Scrumptious Ravioli

1 16-oz. bag frozen Cheese Ravioli

1 jar prepared Spaghetti Sauce

Parmesan Cheese

Add frozen ravioli to pot of gently boiling water. Cook according to package directions. Drain and toss with small amount of olive oil to avoid sticking. Toss with heated spaghetti sauce. Serve in your favorite pasta dishes. Sprinkle generously with parmesan cheese. Don’t forget the garlic bread!