Ways to Practice Focusing

To focus, we do not eliminate distractions, we direct/maintain our focus on focusing on the right point while distractions are around.

Ways to Practice Focusing

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  • Sit and place a simple object on a table in front of you
  • Observe the object in full detail
  • Whenever intrusive thoughts come, redirect your focus to the object
  • Close your eyes and replicate the object for ~1 minute
  • Repeat till natural

Envision Geometric Shapes

  • Close your eyes and visualize a geometric shape, e.g. a triangle
  • Do your best to let the object stay as it is (without fading, changing color, etc.)
  • Repeat till natural

Mentally Write Your Name

  • Close your eyes and imagine a blank screen/sheet
  • Write your name in your mind’s eye using a pen in color
    • Start with one letter and maintain as long as you can
    • Expand 1 by 1

Photographic Recall

  • Pick a photo and look at it for ~2 minutes
  • Close your eyes and reimage the photo as much as you can (the colors, feeling, etc.)
  • Open your eyes and fix all errors you made
  • Repeat till natural


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