Yoga Daily

Practice before sunrise & after sunset (Asanas > few mins of Sarvasana > Pranayama after ½ hr)

  1. Before sunrise
    1. Empty bowels & bladder (if constipated, do Sirasana, Sarvagasana, & their variants)
    2. 5 mins: Affirmation
    3. 5 mins: Pranayama
    4. 5 mins: Sarvasana
    5. Bath
    6. 20 mins: Do asanas (on folded blanket, not on bare floor)
    7. 5 mins: Sarvasana 200
  2. Walking
  3. Bath (refresh)
  4. Breakfast
  • Body alone should be active, brain passive & alert & watchful
    • Ensure zero strain (@ facial muscles & rest of body)
      • Ensure tongue is passive to prevent saliva accumulation (if happens, swallow before exhale)
      • Keep eyes closed while doing (once know that you’re doing correctly) to avoid distraction
      • Never exceed your capacity (i.e. if exhale 10s then after awhile exhale 8s, don’t force for > 8s)
      • Never practice while exhausted (as body cannot erect)
  • Initially there will be sweating & trembling (they dissipate with practice)

When there is harmony between the mind, heart & resolution, nothing is impossible. You will continue to suffer if you have emotional reaction to everything that affects you. True power is sitting back & observing before reacting. If they can control you, then you are truly weak.