U.S. Army Sleep Technique

An old method used by the U.S. Army to help soldiers fall to sleep in less than ideal conditions (like battlefields).

Works for sleep sitting too.

How it works

  1. Sit. 
  2. Relax your facial muscles till your face feels deflated. 
    1. First tighten them up in a wincing motion, 
    2. then slowly let your muscles naturally loosen.
  3. Let gravity pull your shoulders naturally toward the ground. 
    1. Breathe in and out, listening to the sound of your breath. 
      1. Let your chest relax further 
      2. Then let gravity relax your thighs and lower legs.
    2. Your body now must feel like a lump of clay
  4. Clear your mind
    1. When thoughts come, let them pass while keeping your body loose and limp. 
  5. Finally, do one of this two:
    1. Picture a relaxing scene, e.g.
      1.  you lying in a canoe in a calm lake with clear blue skies above you
      2. you are in a velvet hammock, gently swaying in a pitch-black room.
    2. Chant the mantra, “Don’t think” repeatedly