Exercise (as of 20190423)

Regular massages – self-massage. Rubbing your shoulders, face, or even ear lobes can significantly help to reduce your stress

  • Straighten your back, place your head upright, and relax the belly. 
  • Lay your hands in your lap.
  • Circulate light through your head, your whole body, your legs, feet, arms and hands. At the same time think the mantra “light, light, light”.
  • Visualize a small star (dot of light). As the star circulates the earth, think “Earth”. Then ,let the star circulate in the sky, around your body and through your body. Think the mantra “Star, Star, Star.”
  • Rub circles on your stomach with one hand––and the star comes to rest.


Stretching exercises

Exercise intensely (benchmark: 30 minutes continually) & sweat while staying hydrated to perform your absolute best – beats tiredness, beats more over time

Drink water

  • Water is lost via sweat
  • Improves blood circulation and oxygen throughout your body
  • mild dehydration can impair many aspects of brain function
  • Increase blood flow and oxygen to your brain – helps in breathing
  • Treats cramps and sprains, including spasms
  • 8 glasses a day is a benchmark — if exercise less 8 will be too much, if body lacks water, 8 is not enough — use your desire for water and urine as indicator