Fish, Eggs, Liver (chicken or cow)

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits: Bananas, Berries

Vegetables: Bell peppers, Spinach, Cabbage

Dairy, Grains & Nuts

Dairy: Dark chocolate, low-fat Dairy products,

Grain: Oats, Fibre-rich grains, Oatmeal

Nuts: Pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds, Almonds, Brazil nuts


Chamomile, Green tea


fried food, processed meat, candy, pastry, ice cream (due to sugar)



  1. Place one hand on chest and another on stomach
  2. Repeat below until you feel more and more relaxed:
    • Breath in through nose
    • Breath out through mouth slowly

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Squeeze and hold muscle for awhile then relax. Muscles to squeeze (from top to bottom):

  • Face: grimace
    • Forehead: wrinkle and squeeze eyebrows
    • Eyes: close
    • Nose: wrinkle
    • Jaws: clench
    • Tongue: push against roof of mouth
  • Neck: Tense
  • Upper Body
    • Chest: Breath in deep and hold
    • Stomach: Tense
    • Arms: Tense
    • Hands: Clench
    • Back: Arch
  • Lower Body
    • Butt: Tense
    • Thighs: Tense
    • Calves: press feet down
    • Feet: pull toes up

Body Scan

Close your eyes and focus on a specific body part.

  • If tense, make it relaxed
  • If pain, focus and control the pain


Visualize yourself in a different environment while experiencing it. Some samples:

  1. You in a green field watching the clouds in the sky

Do Things That You Like/Want

Do things that are +ve for you.


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