The Rise of Social Conscience in Art Inspired Fashion

Art can be a means of reconstructing experiences, communicating emotions or echoing the sentiments of individuals or the masses.

From the ancient to the modern, artistic works have run the table from simple observations on life to biting social commentary.

The growing segment of contemporary artists who bravely showcase their displeasure with the current state of affairs using creation as an inspiration for positive social change are turning up in the strangest of places, even the world of fashion.

While the fashion industry is often viewed as an institution of pretentiousness, demand is still the driving force behind the successes and failures of it’s resident elite.

Just as consumability regularly forces the hand of design, or rather post runway re-design, growing discontentment and the desire to express the need for a higher social conscience is driving the union between revolutionary art and clothing.

The fashion world is not unlike the music industry, where most are willingly force fed the flavor du jour while a much smaller segment of others will seek out what suits their individual tastes.