Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Many people who think about having hair transplant surgery wonder if the procedure is painful.

Often people have sensitive scalps and the thought of someone making cuts there seems hard to think about for these people.

There is disagreement as to whether hair transplant surgery is painful, though.

Some say that hair transplant surgery is similar to a visit to the dentist.

This does not seem like a description of something that is pain-free.

It certainly does not seem like a relaxing experience. Yet some feel that there is that degree of pain involved.

The injections of the local anesthetic into the scalp before hair transplant procedures are definitely painful to some degree.

Anyone who has had a tooth pulled knows that, if the tooth is deadened properly, it is not the tooth-pulling that hurts.

It is the needle going in with medication to numb the tooth that is the real agony.