What NOT to do on a First Date

Some conversation don’ts are obvious.

But the more subtle ones can get you in trouble, so follow this advice…

I once went on a first (and last) date with a guy who broke the ice by telling me that he had been married three times, kept getting hurt and used by all, and was still living with his ex!

There was more – something about a scheme to ensure that he gets the whole matrimonial property – but I was hardly listening by that point.

All I could think was: “Why are you telling me this?!”

Dating ‘don’ts’ are things you should never do or say on a date.

When the other person exhibits these ‘don’ts’, the sappy love soundtrack in your head goes and the line on your heart monitor goes flat!

Most of us know what you should never say on a first date.

Words like up your former flame!

I remember going out on date once and whilst we were driving to the restaurant, he turned the music on, sang aloud to it whilst he had tears in his eyes.