What is Speed Dating?

Dating has been the oldest form of meeting singles.

However, the ways did change with passage of time.

In the beginning era of newspapers and magazines, people used to search other singles or they some time publish their own ads, showing willingness to meet someone.

Once the telephone became popular as great mode of communication, phone dating took place.

Invention of Internet is, perhaps one of the greatest one in late twentieth century. Internet has connected people of any part of the world together.

Now, online dating has over-taken all previous means of dating.

Needless to say, you can find thousands, even millions of singles of same age, location, language who are equally eager to find mates.

Speed dating is nothing but the fastest way of meeting many available singles in person quickly in one time.

In Speed Date event, singles get together at the reserved place such as restaurant, bar, hall and spend fixed time to spend for “speed dating” with someone before moving to meet the next.

Speed dating is getting very popular among singles for many reasons.