Hair care tips and more…

An ideal woman is often pictured to be a person with a slender figure with long hair.

Hair has always been important for every woman because it somehow reflects their personality.

Having long shiny hair can seduce a man, it can land a woman in a shampoo commercial, or get compliments from others.

It can reflect a woman’s health and gives an impression that she is healthy, and that she is taking good care of herself.

Of course, not all women would want long hair. It depends on their character, the weather, their lifestyle, and so on.

Hair has its own life cycle, usually from two to six years of hair growth.

Each hair grows at least one centimeter per month.

Ninety percent of the hair on the scalp is growing at any given time, while the remaining ten is at its resting phase.

Specifically for women with long hair, it is considered normal for them to shed some hair as part of the cycle.

Not to worry, since it is normally replaced as it grows back in the same follicle on one’s head.