Your Eyes Have It

Your eyes demand attention whenever you are talking to someone or even glancing in their direction.

They are an important feature of your face and the skin around the eyes can bring the eyes to healthy life or contribute to a dull, lifeless look.

Naturally as you age the skin surrounding the eyes develops fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

This is because the delicate skin around the eyes is very different to the rest of the skin on your face.

It is much thinner and in fact has very few oil glands which can keep it naturally moisturized.

This means its dries out faster and being thin, if not treated gently can stretch and tear, causing bags and sagging.

For this reason is it important to treat the eye area gently and don’t wipe or rub the eyes harshly, instead just patting the area without pulling is recommended.

Puffiness around the eyes is common on waking but can remain throughout the day for a variety of reasons including tiredness, smoking, drinking alcohol, diet and even hormonal changes.