Why Aren’t You Wearing Cufflinks To Add More Style To Your Shirt?

Cufflinks are men’s trinkets that lock the cuff of a long-sleeved shirt in style.

Some cufflinks are two buttons (knobs) linked by a single shackle – these buttons go through the cuff’s holes.

One more type of cufflink has a button close to a strip, whose end rotates to form a T-shape that goes through the shirt hole.

For decades, cuff links have been the stylish way in which a smartly dressed man kept his shirt cuffs together.

Along with watches and rings, cuff links are one of the few pieces of jewelry worn by men, and one of the few ways a man could express himself.

A pretty recent modernism in male outfits, they have replaced the traditional knot which formerly held men’s shirt sheath clogged at the wrist, and they were replaced by knobbing cuffs.