Many Girls Start Off Wearing The Wrong Size Bra

Do you know what Size you are?

Have you had yourself measured by an expert?

What will you be using the bra for, support, sports, coverage etc..?

Many girls don’t start off with the right bra and carry on making this mistake through most of their lives.

As teens are constantly growing, the strains that can be caused by a poorly fitting bra can lead to later problems with posture and back pain.

That’s why we suggest that you should be measured by a bra expert at least twice a year or after every evident growth.

A first bra is not an all-rounder, it is not suitable for every occasion.

Nowadays, Bras are available in many varieties; support, sports, wireless, underwired, backless, strapless and the list goes on.

You should really have a variety of bras, each one for a specific activity and role.

A few helpful tips . . .