What Too Much Color Can Do To Your Hair

Sure, we all want to change our look every once in a while and sometimes that involves changing our hair color also.

But there are a few adventurous souls that have taken changing their hair color to a whole new level with frequent colorings leaving their hair lifeless and damaged beyond repair.

While there are many professional hair coloring systems out there that only cause minimal damage to hair, many people still insist on buying hair color from department stores so that they can apply it at home.

In many cases, this type of hair color causes extreme damage and if you use it too often, it could turn into a nightmare.

You see, hair color is a chemical that changes the structure of your hair.

Each time you color, the outside layer of your hair is raised so that color can be pushed into the hair strand.

With each subsequent coloring, this outside layer finds it more and more difficult to close to its natural and healthy position.

It is this layer that first takes the brunt of hair color damage.

It is also this layer that is responsible for the shine and vibrancy of your hair color.