An Overview of South Africa for Travelers

The Republic of South Africa was once the home to apartheid.

A movement and a man, Nelson Mandela, changed that. Here is an overview of the country for travelers.

An Overview of South Africa for Travelers

As recently as 1991, apartheid was the rule of law in South Africa.

The term means separate and effectively divided the country along racial lines in practically every element of society.

The Portuguese were the first to land in South Africa in 1488, but didn’t claim a colony.

The Dutch East India Company arrived in 1652, with Dutch and Germans moving to the country.

These whites became the Afrikaners and eventual dominate class of South Africa.

In 1779, the British moved in on the proceedings and the Afrikaners moved north. Known as the Great Trek, this shift put the Afrikaners in conflict with Zulu tribes and warriors.

The Zulus won most of the conflicts following their legendary leader, Shaka. In 1828, Shaka was assassinated and momentum turned.

Diamonds were discovered in 1870 and gold in 1886.