An Overview of Norway for Travelers

Norway is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe and a beautiful place.

Following is a summary of background information you should know before taking a trip.

An Overview of Norway for Travelers

The official name of Norway is the Kingdom of Norway.

The country covers an area of mainland and accompanying island territories.

The total size of Norway is approximately 150,000 square miles.

For comparison purposes, this makes the country slightly larger than the State of New Mexico in the United States.

The capital of the Kingdom of Norway is Oslo, which is also the biggest population center with over 520,000 residents.

Other major cities of note include Bergen with just under a quarter of a million residents, Trondheim with 150,000 residents and Stavanger with roughly 110,000 residents.

The terrain of Norway can be described as extreme with high plateaus, steep fjords, mountains, and fertile valleys.

The climate is temperate along the coast, but much colder inland. With its far north location, Norway experiences very long days during summer months and equally long nights during winter.

During summer, it can stay light until close to midnight.