An Overview of Liberia for Travelers

The Republic of Liberia was on of the more stable African countries until a massive civil war.

For extreme travelers, the war is over and Liberia is back on the map. Here’s a look at where the country has been and where it is going.

An Overview of Liberia for Travelers

Liberia means the land of the free.

It is a fitting name considering the country was established by freed slaves from the United States in 1820.

Referred to as Americo-Liberians, the freed slaves established Monrovia which is named after U.S. President James Madison.

Although there were minor disputes throughout Liberia’s history, it was generally saved the problems faced by much of colonized Africa.

Indeed, Liberia was known for its hospitality, strong education system, booming rubber industry and strong liberal arts.

Unfortunately, political unrest led to a brutal civil war from 1989 till 1996 during which the country fell apart and over 200,000 Liberians were killed.