An Overview of Australia for Travelers

Australia is a very diverse country geographically and a hot spot for tourism.

If you are thinking about heading down under, here is some information on Australia.

An Overview of Australia for Travelers

Australia is its own continent, the only country in the world that can say as much.

It covers roughly 3 million square miles and is about the size of the continental United States.

The capital is Canberra, but Sydney is the biggest city with 4.2 million people.

The climate of Australia is extremely dry inland with more temperate conditions along the coast. The population centers are primarily along the coast due to soaring temperatures inland.

Australia was originally inhabited by Aboriginal tribes.

In 1770, Captain Cook claimed the land for Great Britain. In 1788, the first colony was established in New South Wales.

Most of the colonists were convicted criminals from Great Britain. Gold was discovered soon thereafter and Australia became a destination for immigrants seeking fortune and a new start in life.