When Will The World Wake Up?

How can any human being today, anywhere in this world, not be fearful and angry?

We have turned into a society where hate is a primary emotion. People are killing people, nations are destroying nations; it’s a never ending battle of might over right.

Is that magnificent line from Eden Ahbez’s song “Nature Boy” no longer what defines us as a civilized society?

‘The greatest gift that we can learn is just to love and be loved in return.’

It’s a great line, a golden rule if ever there was one. It’s the philosophy of life.

Have not our leaders, all leaders throughout the world, realized yet that terrorism begets terrorism?

Hate begets hate? Actions beget reactions, whether positive or negative?

Have we forgotten love begets love, goodness triumphs over evil, live and let live?

The world has become a free-for-all in which there is no sense or sanity anymore, and where the victims are our children.

Don’t we have a responsibility to protect them? To shield them from the realities of hate, prejudice, immorality, fear, and pessimism?

It is no wonder we have more depressed children than ever before, more children on medication, more children acting out their anger and angst against others in ways we could never before have comprehended.