Why Decaffeinated Coffee Was Introduced

Being an avid drinker of coffee, I never could figure out the reason following decaffeinated coffee.

People usually drink coffee or espresso for the caffeine fix, so I always wondered as to why anyone would drink decaffeinated coffee.

Would it not just defeat the purpose of drinking coffee?

However, I finally saw the light and managed to figure out why decaffeinated coffee existed.

This helped me immensely to sustain some sort of extravagance during my pregnancy and I also found out that I was not drinking coffee just for the caffeine fix and that I quite rather liked the taste of different coffee types.

During my pregnancy I was one of those nutcases who had read up everything that could go wrong during a pregnancy and tried to avoid those possible causes like anything.

For instance, I avoided aspartame only because they were unsure of the effects it might have on the baby and I stayed away from lunchmeat because it had a minute possibility of a listeria infection.