What are Arts and Crafts and when was the term coined?

What falls into the category of arts and crafts in today’s society?

Generally we think of anything we make with our hands as a hobby and arts and crafts.

The term Arts and Craft Movement was coined in the late 19th century.

Craftsmen created their projects and strove for excellence in their work.

These activities were called ‘crafts’ since many of them were professions under the guild system that was in place at the time.

Children were apprenticed to master craftsmen to learn their skills.

This apprenticeship lasted a number of years and the apprentice was paid a very low wage.

When the training was finished, they were capable of setting themselves up in the trade to earn their living.

Many crafts require skill but everyone can learn a craft by just practicing.

Today, schools, community centers, and colleges offer classes to help you learn these trades.

You can take a seminar, day class, or course. Some craft stores offer classes on an on-going basis.