Your Coffee Machine Can Brew You Any Kind Of Coffee

There are many people who have for long considered themselves purists in the world of coffee, and wouldn’t dream of touching this sacred brew. But all of this is changing now, coffee is being flavored and you can have any one of hundreds of kinds now.

Blenders are practically artists now, with exotic blends being designed all the time.

There is an Indonesian blend which is a mix of Sumatran and Papua New Guinea beans that yields a flavorful full bodied brews.

Newer regions such as Papua New Guinea and Sumatra are being scoured for new kinds of beans for these blends.

Sumatra beans mixed with Colombian Patron gives a smoky, dark taste to the blend.

In addition to blending different beans, adding flavorings to coffee adds a new element.

Many flavors, such as cherry, almond or vanilla, can soften the acidity of some blends. Add a banana hazelnut syrup to a plain robusta blend, and you have a whole new experience.

Try a Tahitian vanilla latte for a real taste experience.

If mocha is the taste you prefer, you have almost as many chocolate flavors to choose from as you have coffee flavors.

Try a Yemen roast with a light touch of dark chocolate melted and well blended into it.

For a treat on the lighter side, do the same with Ghirardelli chocolate melted into and American roast blend. You can blend flavorings in with a blending machine, or whisk them in by hand.