World’s Hottest Hot Sauce Is A Pepper Extract That Can Kill

This Hot Sauce is so hot, you’d have to gulp 250,000 gallons of water just to put out the fire.

“We live in an extreme world,” describes Blair Lazar, a hot sauce inventor. “And I make extreme foods.”

In his palm of his hand is the most blistering pepper extract in the world, an over-the-top version of pepper concentrate so blistering that customers must sign a waiver clearing him of any liability if they are crazy enough to try it.

Locked in a crystal bottle sealed with wax and a tiny skull, Mr Lazar’s lip-scorching concoction is pure capsaicin – the chemical that gives habanero and jalapeno peppers their atomic heat.

Blair Lazar claims to try his sauce is to encounter ‘pure heat’. His “16 Million Reserve”, which was released to the public in 2006, is the brass ring of hot sauces, the most blistering pepper extract that chemistry can create.

It is 30 times hotter than the hottest pepper, the Red Savina from Mexico, and 8,000 times more powerful than Tabasco sauce.

To put the smallest dot on the tip of your tongue is to encounter “pure heat”, Mr Lazar says.