Who Is The Face Of Scrapbooking?

If I were to ask, whose is the face of scrapbooking?

I imagine I would get the names of well-known, published, scrappers, who have their own product line.

While these are creative men and women, who have brought scrapbooking into the twenty first century, I would like to propose that the face of scrapbooking is…..YOU!

You are the face of scrapbooking to your friends and family, who have never even heard of scrapbooking or any of its denizens.

You are the expert to these people, and, let’s face it; you do an awesome job, amazing them with your great accomplishment.

So don’t be shy about your design techniques or your color choices, you are the expert on what best fits your history.

It’s your story and you can tell it better then all the designers and scrapbooking gurus in the business.

One such expert is Dessie Henry of Colorado Springs, Colorado.