Anxiety In Dogs

A world without dogs would be crazy.

It would be lonely for most of us if we lost our favorite canine companions. Fortunately, almost every household in the US had had at least one dog.

Dogs are animals that need special care and extra attention from us humans.

Compared to cats, dogs are more active and showy to their companions.

Cats just lie and sleep most of the day. It only moves toward you to get is dose of petting or to ask for food. Most of the time, cats would rather sleep or groom themselves.

Dogs are different.

They are playful, they interact with other people and other dogs as well.

They show appreciation to their owner, in one way or another. Men and dogs have become ultimate partners, helping each other… enjoying a complimentary relationship.

Dogs are also utilized outside the home, even in law enforcement.

The police have canine units that help them in searching for different dangerous substances or objects.

Sometimes, K-9 units are also used to search for missing people. If well trained, these special dogs can detect or identify crime suspects by tagging the smell.