Your Child Is Missing

If your child is missing, time is of the essence!

Take a deep breath and try to remember the last place you saw your child.

If your child is missing from home, search the house quickly, check the closets, basement, and laundry, under beds, where ever else you think your child may crawl or hide.

Check the doors and windows, do you see any way somebody got in. Yell out their name.

Remember all this must be acted on as fast as possible! I can’t stress that enough!

If you still cannot find your child, immediately call your police department!

Be ready to have as much as possible details for the police.

Try not to panic as the police department will need your help.

Grab as much recent photos of your child as possible. They will need to know vital information of your child.

When you call the police, provide your child’s name, child’s age, height, weight, and any other unique identifiers such as eyeglasses and braces.

Tell them when you noticed that your child was missing and what clothing he or she was wearing.

Supply them with the photos and if there is any signs of a break in.

Let them know of any possible reasons your child may be missing.

Where there any friends or strangers in the home before? Are you going through custody problems?

Many missing children are abducted by family members or known people.

The best thing to do is prepare your kids to help prevent theses situations. Let them know over and over.

Don’t speak to strangers. If you feel threatened let somebody know as soon as possible. If you are grabbed, yell out loud for help!

No one has the right to touch, grab or force you to do anything that feels wrong.

Tell them to bite and fight as much as they can. Many times these simple things will scare of a would be abductor.


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