The Motivation for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular over the years.

So, why is this and what is motivating people to pursue it?

Over 14 million pursued plastic surgery in 2005. Why? The reasons are different for many people, but a few common ones are consistently sited.

In the past, we were pretty much stuck with what we came into the world with at birth.

For many people, this meant living with body aspects that drove them nuts.

Bumps on the nose, flat buttocks, pockets of fats that no amount of exercise addressed, small breasts and so on are all areas regularly cites as problems.

In the past, these problems often were categorized as an issue of vanity, but wrongly so.

Such perceived defects lead to problems with confidence, and confidence is a key to success in business and personal relationships.

In many ways, people get plastic surgery to boost their confidence in themselves.

Regardless of what others think, a person can nearly be disabled by their physical performance.

Research on exercise and diet regimens has shown that individuals that improve their physical appearance are much more confident and happy.

It is a simple fact. If you were born with a hawk nose or some other issue, there simply is not any way to exercise it in to shape.

So, should you be forced to live your entire life with something that bothers you?

Of course, not. If enhancing your look makes you feel better, who is anyone else to judge you?

An additional reason people get plastic surgery involves the never ending fight with time.

We age every single day, and our body shows it.

As people age, they feel compelled to fight against the effects, an impulse that has existed throughout history.

The simple fact is the world is a dog eat dog world, and personal image is part of the competition.

It is a well settled fact that more attractive people do better. This is particularly true in the business world, and is reflected by the fact that more men are pursuing plastic surgery than ever before.

In modern society, you are expected to live longer and work longer.

Plastic surgery provides an option for remaining competitive on the all important image stand point.

Finally, some people pursue plastic surgery as a remedy to an unfortunate problem. Plastic surgery is undertaken after mastectomies for instance.

Body abnormalities resulting from birth defects or trauma are also an area plastic surgery provides an answer for.

Surely, nobody could object to such personal enhancements!

What is the motivation to get plastic surgery?

Watch one of the reality shows in which plastic surgery plays a part. You will see the answer at the end of each show.


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